An Amazon account suspended inauthentic is a common error that users often encounter when selling on Amazon. In that case, your personal account is suspended under the terms and policies of this e-commerce platform. However, there is still a way to be able to solve the problem if you follow the instructions in Amazoker’s next article.

Amazon account suspended inauthentic: Detailed instructions on how to handle

Amazon will scan the account through the system, so subscribers need to provide accurate information. During the sale process, for a variety of reasons, Amazon is likely to suspend or lock your personal account after just one night. So how can we solve an Amazon account suspended inauthentic

What does an Amazon account suspended inauthentic mean?

Amazon is known as an e-commerce site that offers a wide range of products. This shopping site is famous all over the world; it’s a place to sell goods of prestige. However, sometimes the seller’s account will receive a message saying “Your account has been suspended”. Your account will then be temporarily suspended and unusable. 

What should we do if my Amazon account is not authenticated and suspended?

If you are also in this situation, which means that your account is being blocked, reasonable remedies need to be implemented. Currently, Amazon has a number of disciplinary measures against sellers. If you violate the General Standards, your personal account will be suspended, denied login, or permanently banned.

Amazon account being suspended inauthentic – How to deal with it?

In order to be able to solve the Amazon account suspended inauthentic, there’s one thing the seller needs to do. It is sending a reflection to Amazon. You review the regulations in the system and plan for Amazon to review and reopen your account. The complaint must contain the following elements if you want to recover your account successfully:

  • Let’s start the complaint briefly and go straight to the point. Please indicate the reason for the Amazon account being suspended inauthentic. 
  • Provide information about the action you take to solve the problem.
  • Finally, you refer to the solution to avoid a recurrence of the same.

How to unlock a suspended Amazon account? 

Advice for submitting an Amazon complaint

Your claim that has just been submitted will not be considered immediately. The system will examine the accuracy and make the final decision. The seller should note the following:

  • Think carefully about why the account was suspended, not just the account that responded immediately to Amazon.
  • Indicate a stand, marking important issues that prove that the account does not violate Amazon’s regulations.
  • You shouldn’t blame the buyer for suspending the account.
  • The appeal was brief, clear, and not long-lined.

Amazoker – A reliable account appeal service provider 

When the account is suspended on Amazon, it will be detrimental to the seller. Your business may be permanently discontinued if you don’t try to unlock your account. Don’t worry, you can choose Amazoker’s account appeal service. With many years of experience in helping customers resolve Amazon complaints, the company will bring you many special benefits below.

Professional Complaints Process

You can complain to Amazon yourself, but the success rate is very low if you don’t provide authentic, accurate, and clear information. So, if you’ve tried many ways and still haven’t solved this problem, choose Amazoker’s account appeal service. Professional commitment service, quick process, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Customers visit the website to learn more about Amazoker’s complaints service.
  • Step 2: After you have selected the service, you sign a formal contract with the company.
  • Step 3: The customer pays the full cost of service to the company.
  • Step 4: Amazoker employees conduct Amazon complaint procedures and inform customers of the outcome.

Amazoker offers a professional, fast complaint process

High Success Rate

With a team of experienced account complaint experts, Amazoker is confident in the value it brings to its customers. The account appeal service has a high success rate, receiving many positive reviews from customers. The success rate of customer support for complaints is up to 95%. As soon as you get in touch, the staff will immediately support you.

Reasonable quotation

Amazon offers the most affordable service to its customers. When there is a requirement for a suspended account, you will be informed by the employee of the most detailed cost. Service prices are stable and lower than many other units on the market. You only have to pay once, and the company will support you with your complaint until it succeeds.

Amazoker offers the best prices for customers 

An Amazon account suspended inauthentic can happen to any seller when trading products on Amazon. However, you can contact Amazoker so our support staff can handle your complaints at the most appropriate cost.