Network marketing, or multi-level marketing has created some of the greatest cornerstones of accomplishments for many ambitious and motivated entrepreneurs. Sad to say for most many who engage in this lucrative industry don’t share in that similar experience. Success in network marketing is highly achievable, but most fail in the beginning. Through my own personal successes and endeavors I can only speak for myself when I say that network marketing isn’t for the faintest of hearts and neither is operating your own business. You’ll have to do WHATEVER it takes to get your business successful, bottom line. That means doing WHATEVER IT TAKES and most people just aren’t willing to go that far.

Here are the Main Reasons why Success in Network Marketing is tough for most:

Trying to find a Get Rich Quick Solution

We should know by now that there are no fast ways to make money. Success in network marketing isn’t quick. If you’re even considering a fast way of making money than you’re not in the right business and network marketing definitely isn’t for you. If you build yourself a network and enhance sales in your particular industry you can make money on a residual basis but it’s a gradual process that takes time. If your good with people and are savvy at finding solutions you can achieve success a lot faster than others. Working hard is just all a part of owning your own business and the cycle of life, ever since the cave man eras.

Laziness and Lack of Motivation

The majority of society is lazy. Achieving success in network marketing shouldn’t be your primary focus until you’ve dealt with this issue. Let’s face it, we all know it and some of us suffer from it even till this day. We love to sleep in, eat and watch TV, drink all day, and you name the rest. Living an easygoing life can create this lifestyle trend (it really does) and if one doesn’t face challenges one can’t grow. If you’re already comfortable with your current position in life, than there’s really no motivation pushing you forward. Achieving success in network marketing is all about overcoming new challenges and developing yourself internally as a person. You have to find something that drives you a lot more passionately than finding a simple solution to your short term problem otherwise it’ll be harder for you to overcome future challenges in the eyes of adversity.

Taking no Action

Analyzing and processing is what we do all day. But how many of us actually turn our minds off(notice I didn’t say brains) and just truly live for the moment? You’d be surprised how much you can literally do when you’re “not thinking”. The reason why most of the 98% isn’t achieving success in network marketing or any other part of their lives is because they lack action and suffer from procrastination. Putting it off and not setting it as a priority sends a subconscious message back to your brain that says this isn’t important enough for me to work at. If this was life or death than your mindset would completely change and that is exactly how you should feel about your new business or network marketing opportunity.

High Priced Products/Service with Little Value

You have to have something of value to offer to the public this is a given. Many people find themselves jumping too quickly into a new business venture and finding out later it wasn’t worth it for them. Part of the problem with this is there’s almost never any research done on the yearly sale earnings of the business their engaging in nor is there any concrete research done on the company’s targeted market and their history. How does anyone expect to achieve success in network marketing without understanding the growth of a company through their numbers. What they should have done is researched more on the company such as finding reviews or comments from other individuals who’ve tried or used their targeted company’s products/services. Hearing what other independent business owners have to say about their own experiences makes a huge difference by granting you more information so you can make a sound decision.

Poor Leadership

There are sponsors and leaderships within all organizations that have poor leadership not just multi-level marketing corporations. What you have to realize for yourself is whether or not you feel comfortable being led by the person who introduced you to the program. The main reason for widespread success in network marketing is because of effective leadership all around. Understanding effective leadership is more than just the sweet talk. Knowledge, empathy, guidance, and support is what you should be looking for in all leaders you choose to follow and learn from. If a leader is lacking in one or more of these qualities than their not a good leader, simply because they lack the ability to relate to someone who’s just starting off as a newcomer.

Overly Exaggerated

There are some network marketing companies out there that take their marketing a little overboard. By overboard I mean rambling on about all the benefits of something worth nothing. Creating a false sense of success in network marketing and making it sound easy is one of the most common ploys of exaggeration. This is something that can be easily seen from the outside perspectives of a consumer, however for those looking for an independent business opportunity these overly exaggerated companies can blind us because of our greed and gullibility. Researching and doing your due diligence on any company should be a primary focus for any new independent business owner.

Preying on the Desperate

Many people fall victim to the same kinds of company’s who falsely promise a quick way to get rich. For those who need money, they are easily blinded by those promises and this is how most people end up with a bad taste for network marketing. Success in network marketing is achievable but there is never a quick way to get rich. If you’re offered an opportunity to earn yourself additional income that’s a different story, but many network marketing companies are disregarded simply because of the unethical actions of a few. As people we can’t let the rotten apples taint all of the good and judge those for it. Do your due diligence and research information about others who’ve joined your prospected company. This a good way to differentiate whether or not this is a real opportunity or just another get rich scheme.

Never Hear from your Sponsor

Besides being one of the most annoying things ever, this action can prevent true success in network marketing simply because of poor communication skills. There are many individuals associated in this industry that are great at signing people up for their products or as their own associates. On the other hand one of the most overlooked actions of many independent business owners is the ability to follow up. Helping other individuals take ahold of a new business opportunity is great, however forgetting about those you already helped isn’t.. This sends mixed signals to a new network marketer and it’s why most who start with a network marketing company for their first time never progress in their new business. A new independent business owner needs someone to show them the basic fundamentals of the game without any guidance or support, success will seem unattainable and for some they’ll just give up.