There’s a simple but very important fact about your business and how successful it will be, and that is the success will be determined by how successful your marketing strategy is. In the end, the amount of money you make, which depends to a large part on how many customers you have, will all be down to how effective your marketing is, and how well you create a marketing plan.

The problem for most businesses is they don’t have a marketing plan or any sort of strategy at all. They just hope the customers will come in, and along with that, the money. So the first thing you need to do is stop thinking about marketing as a one-off thing and begin to see it as a process.

Marketing Strategy Essentials

The most important part of marketing is to make sure you have a marketing strategy in the first place. This means formulating a proper plan instead of just trying different marketing techniques without any real focus. Most businesses really only think about marketing when they need to, and that’s usually when they have a dip in revenue, or they realise the customers aren’t calling. This usually ends up with them running some ads in the local paper because the ad rep happened to call, or maybe sending out some flyers. But because there’s no real strategy behind all this, they don’t track anything, and so have no way of knowing whether it’s successful or not.

This brings us to another important fact about marketing.

Your Market is the Important Thing

It doesn’t matter how good your marketing material is if you aim it at the wrong people. Many businesses try to put their message in front of as many people as they can, when in most cases they’d get a much better result by targeting the people most likely to be interested in their particular service. It’s always better to put your marketing message in front of 100 people and get five buyers than put it in front of 500 people and get just two buyers.

There’s another part to this, and that’s to make sure your marketing message fits your market. Don’t create something general. Create something specific for that market. Tell them you understand their problems, and then make sure you spell out exactly how your product can solve those problems. Do this and you’ll find your marketing gets a much better result overall, and that means more customers and more revenue.

Once you’ve done all this, you need to make sure you’re marketing constantly, so your message is always in front of your prospects. An important thing to remember is that marketing is a process, and an ongoing process, one of testing and tracking, and discovering what works. Of course, this does take some effort, and that’s one of the reasons many businesses don’t do it. But those that do will really see a rise in their business success. It’s just a case of planning your strategy and putting it into operation.

Direct response marketing and lead generation specialist Steve Prescott is the author of Smart Business Power Marketing

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