I think this is the perfect time to compete in the online area. This is the gold rush of 1849, but the gold is not in those darned hills, but in finding your niche, creating the ideal market place, and making sure that the entire systems works. Make sure that in your “Quest for gold” that you think about things like a payment system, a delivery structure, a shopping cart, and a way to display products. All of these items must be combined for the marketing to then begin.

This “Gold rush time” is why I have decided to offer new dates in 2011 on the internet marketing process. The 2011 Internet Marketing Synergy tour will combine all of the concepts of a 6 pillar approach to building your marketing plan. These 6 pillar, when used together, are a proven technique to building a loyal customer base. The following is a brief description of all 6 pillar:

Pillar 1 ~ Content
You must build content that has a very fine balance. On one hand, the content must have the mathematical precision that is needed to get and keep Google’s attention. This is a balance of cool formulas for things like keyword density, inbound and outbound link ratio, or rich content development and the caffeine factor. But on the other hand, is the human consumer who will be reading the content find it stimulating enough to buy your product?

Pillar 2 ~ Delivery
The delivery process. This is not getting your goods to market, but in fact, getting your content to the consumers. Yes, I know, that is easy, right? First, your delivery system can not only be search engines! Therefore, you need other media outlets, some of which are real world media outlets like newspapers, radio, and TV, as well as online media outlets like Digg and YouTube.

Delivery is also as plain as making sure that the consumer wants to stay on your site long enough to click the “buy it now” button. Here is an example: Do you think that a website built to sell video games should have a lot of text? Or, should it have a lot of flash, sound, and game reviews, etc.? But what if you were selling those same games at Christmas time? You would say to me, “Yes you should use the same site. I would tell you, “Really?” “But mothers are buying at that time of the year for their children.” So, you should build a site that would be pleasing to mothers. A site that would tell them the names of the video games, give them a rating system, a clear and easy way to navigate while they are on the site, and a one click “buy it now.” This is a perfect example of the system that should be used when trying to deliver to the consumers you are trying to reach.

Pillar 3 ~ Retain
Like all the other steps, retaining a consumer is not only keeping them on the site long enough to buy, but also keeping them as a long term customer. How do you get them to retain what they’ve learned? How to retain their trust and get them to tell other consumers?

Pillar 4 ~ SEO Search Engine Optimization
In a recent workshop I heard a person say, “Yes I used to collect all their albums.” The person sitting next to that person said, “What is an album?”

We have all read 1000’s of pages with different ideas. One person says, “The #1 thing you need in SEO is…” Then on another page you read it says, “That was yesterday’s news, and that it no longer counts.” The strangest thing is that Google may tweak their formulas a bit, but they are not totally into throwing out their system-After all, it has made them billions!

The fact of the matter is, SEO is a very basic concept, but that is like saying “Dancing is a very basic concept, you just need to move your body right?” Well, we have all seen people who think that is dancing!

I think the sadist part of my workshops is when someone walks up to me and says, “I thought this SEO thing would be easy.” It is a lot of work, but if you have the systems in place, it is easier than one might think.

Pillar 5 ~ SNM Social Network Marketing
Social Network Marketing is the process of building a consumer network that can find info about your product, share information and help build a brand.

Pillar 6 ~ SMM Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing is the process of exposing new consumers to your brand, getting them to explore your website, and social network for them to build consumer confidence in your product which will help them decide to buy.

Once you have completed the 6 pillars, your content will need to be improved, and the entire cycle begins again.

In my 5 day workshop on Internet Marketing Synergy, we will teach the entire system from Step 1 through Step 6, and teach you to build the systems that will keep all of the steps fresh and new for consumers while you are building your product brand.

We have 11, 5 day workshops and 2 boot camps in the 2011 season. You may ask, “What is the difference?” The 11 workshops will teach you the basics and how to use the more advanced concepts, which you can be taken back with you to use on your projects. For a boot camp, you bring your laptops, and since you have already been through the basic training of a workshop, we would then go through the advanced concepts as you do them. You will learn to build an entire marketing campaign with the help of the instructors, as well as other class mates. We are holding only one Boot Camp on the East coast and one on the west coast. Seating is very limited, so you should buy your seats to both events as soon as possible if you are sincere about your online marketing success.

SEO expert George Brown loves his work and has a passion for talking about it, which is what had led him out of a semi-retirement on the island of Kauai to lead a 15-city series of SEO training workshops. Brown, who has logged more than 10 years as a public speaker and trainer, believes that successful internet marketing combines the elements of search engine optimization, content, social media and social networking. His workshop series, named after the book he is currently writing, is called Internet Marketing Synergy and offers basic to very advanced SEO training and study of internet marketing strategy and tactics.

“Internet Marketing Synergy workshops offer basic, through the most advanced SEO training in two, three or five day workshops PLUS a 1-year mentoring program,” said Mr. Brown. “Our students leave this workshop with the working knowledge they need to increase traffic and maximize their marketing positions in the shortest period of time imaginable.”

George Brown understands that business owners and professionals are under tremendous pressure to utilize internet marketing in promoting their businesses and organizations in this economy. He also understands the importance of SEO training that provides an arsenal of tools to help his students start increasing website traffic right away. “I stress the importance of understanding social media and social networking and content development as essential tools for success in marketing online today.”