The visitors to your website need to arrive there looking for the useful content you present, and the solutions you have to offer. Your content must be relevant and fulfill the visitor’s needs. You are now faced with the challenge of driving traffic that is hungry for a solution, that you offer, in a market that is not overly saturated in competition.

Try to break this challenge down into smaller pieces. This will help you focus on each piece of this equation and evaluate if your technique meets the necessary requirements. To drive significant, relevant traffic to your site you should consider:

Is your product in demand, with an acceptable amount of search traffic
Are you utilizing the most effective keywords to drive traffic
Is your competition manageable? If not, you will not be competitive! Less competition equals a better chance for you to achieve traffic and profits
If you are new to internet marketing, please think about the size of the internet marketing world and where you may fit in. Consider that only a very small percentage of those who embark in the business of internet marketing ever become profitable. The majority of those who fail, do so quickly, and most move from one product or service to another with little to no results to show for their efforts. Many of these well intentioned business people build quite attractive sites, with multiple pages, extensive menus, and ads galore. Some spend money on advertising thinking this will drive traffic. Usually disappointment sets in quickly as they realize that paying for clicks seldom results in sales. Alas, there are a few who hit upon winning formulas in internet marketing and become very, very successful.

Those who become truly successful in the realm of internet marketing do not do so by luck. Most successful internet marketers have several things in common. More than likely you have already developed some of these traits yourself. Do you spend hours devoted to researching your market, writing articles, tracking traffic, and looking for ways to hone your marketing skills? Likely you do, or you would not be reading this. If you have not yet become successful, I will bet my top dollar you have not focused on the key areas that I mentioned earlier.

In order to successfully promote your product or service there needs to be a demand, correct? That’s easy. The most important thing I believe that I can ever share with you is this:

You cannot compete with large internet giants!

Whether you try to promote cameras, popular electronics, software, or car parts, if you are competing against the Wal-Marts and the Amazons, you will fight an uphill battle. These giants have thousands of links to their pages, large advertising budgets, and SEO experts out the kazoo! There is an easier way. Less competition equals better results for you.

Instead of competing with giants, who are well established, you need to think small. Yes, think small. One of the best ways to compete is through Niche Marketing. Think of a niche market as a very specific subset of a much larger market. Remember I mentioned cameras earlier? The competition in this market is fierce. But try looking at the demand for a subset of this market. What about cameras for a specific purpose such as underwater photography? Another example would be websites. Maybe you are an expert at building them. Lots of competition there! What if you specialize in building websites for physicians that specialize in dermatology? Could that be a niche market? I don’t know, and I wouldn’t know without doing my research. Due diligence, you’ve heard of that, right?

There are many tools out there to help you evaluate the potential of various niche markets. Try using the Google keyword tool to locate a potential niche market. It’s a free tool. Try typing in the words “does work”, and see what results pop up. Look at all the different products that pop up. These are products that people are looking for information on, and these people want to know if a particular product “does work”. Weed out the results that have the word “how”, and don’t worry about the people wanting to know how something works. Just select the word “how” as a negative keyword to eliminate these results and you are left with the folks wanting to know “if” something works. Look at the number of monthly searches vs. the competition. This will give you an idea as to whether this may be a product that you are interested in promoting, and a market you can compete in. There are more sophisticated tools, such as Market Samurai, or Traffic Travis, that can help you evaluate your competition more closely vs. potential keywords that you will use in your site content and metadata. Remember, less competition equals a better chance for success and profits.

I hope these tips get your mind going, and help you become enthusiastic towards a slightly different mindset regarding online marketing, and what product or service you may choose to promote.

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