Stock market is an avenue where non-material exchanges of stocks for different companies are traded. The companies are essentially listed on the stock exchange and trading can vary from stocks of companies to different types of securities which have a monetary value. The active participants in stock market are generally stock investors and hedge fund equity traders. Both these types of player who indulge in stock activity link themselves to stock brokers who make the actual transactions.

Traditionally when individuals wanted to test their stock market skills, they directly bought and sold shares in the stock market through a stock broker. This has been a very costly and risky affair. New comers usually had to fail and learn, and many faced bankruptcy even before they made a penny in the stock market. What these aspirants actually needed was a play ground on which they could make mock assessments and realize their abilities to play in stock exchange.

Fortunately this is not the case now. Technological advancements, globalization of information and especially the internet have come to the aid of new comers in the stock market. Stock simulator sites are sites, on which individuals can make their own portfolios, buy and sell stocks. The difference is that these are not real portfolios or stocks. These are free simulation games, where one receives real results. As if the individual had actually invested in real stocks. These simulation sites have competition amongst players and the one who is able to make maximum out of the stocks is declared the winner. Normally the winner of the competition is awarded prize money.

The real motive behind playing on online stock simulation sites is not to win prizes but to evaluate ones potential in stock market. This benefit is that you learn without making real transactions and losses. There are a few repercussions of this type of learning. While making investments on stock simulation sites, individuals can be willing to take more risks. They tend to buy and sell without complete prior knowledge and information about stocks. This can develop the tendency to make riskier moves and not evaluating the risks properly. Hence it is always good to psychologically convince oneself that these are real stocks being played with. This is very beneficial in the long run.

Similarly advanced technology and communication have benefited stock players in another way. Many websites tend to have advisory software’s, which give out buy and sell signals. Apart from updating stock brokers with minute by minute change in values of stocks, theses sites are very efficient in advising. Normally the success rate of these indications, are between sixty to seventy percent. But some good sites even offer eighty to ninety percent success rates. This can be analyzed through their historical stock predictions and the real outcomes. The advanced services from such sites can be obtained through paying very nominal subscription charges.

Hence for anyone who wishes to indulge in stock market, it is always better idea to begin from a simulation stock site. Similarly consulting stock prediction sites is equally a better idea than experiencing first hand. Technology has surely made learning in the risky game of stocks, easier and less risky.