To build a photography portfolio can sometimes be a difficult challenge. Nobody likes to do work for free, but at the same time how is somebody going to pay for your photography if they haven’t seen any of your portfolio yet? You basically need to be ready to do a lot of free photography shoots and follow some of the tips below:

Build your Portfolio with Family and Friends This is a great thing to do. Instead of approaching strangers, why not take free photos of family and friends. You can even give them away as birthday and holiday gifts! Most people will love any type of photography if it is free, even if you aren’t at a very high level yet with your photography skills, people will still be appreciative as it is still better photography than they can do themselves. The other reason this is good to do is you want to build your portfolio with great photos obviously and if it is with people you know, then you will get better photos as they will be comfortable with you and give you genuine smiles and expressions. This also makes it easier if you make a mistake, at least it was to a friend or family member that will be okay with it.

Make the Most out of each Shoot When your photography portfolio is fully launched you may plan on editing 20 photos for instance for a family shoot digital package, or whatever it may be. As you are building your photography portfolio though, don’t think about that. Just take full advantage of the photography session you have in front of you. I know when I was building my own photography portfolio I would sometimes edit 100 photos from a single shoot, I would never do that now. This allowed me to practice my photography skills, practice my Photoshop editing skills and the most important thing is it gives you tons of different options of photos to feature in your photography portfolio.

Start Charging Little by Little After you have started building your portfolio and getting some great shots that people are enjoying, then start to charge a little. If you have enough photos to start your photography business, put your prices up and then give a 50% discount, this way future customers will start to refer to you as a legitimate business, you will start getting brand recognition but at the same time you will continue to build your portfolio.

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