Marketing and mindset – for maximum success, these two factors are inseparable. Many of us, as holistic health practitioners, got into our work to help people. By our temperament as healers, many of us are not naturally business-oriented, so we need to learn the business aspects of running a practice.

As a health service professional, you probably want to foster positive change in the world, by improving people’s health and lives, one healing session at a time. You probably devote a lot of thought, care and energy to the services you provide to your clients.

Marketing is the most important business activity we need to implement, in order to develop a thriving practice. But mindset is even more important than marketing! If marketing is the car that gets you to your destination of a successful holistic health practice, then mindset is the fuel that powers the car! No matter how great your car is, without fuel it won’t get you where you want to go! Likewise with marketing and mindset. You might know all the great business strategies, but if you don’t truly and fully believe that you are capable and deserving of success, you won’t get far in your business.

Even though marketing is what attracts and keeps clients, many entrepreneurs fear it, mainly because they have self-limiting beliefs about money and success. And this is exactly why we need to take a closer look at our mindset about marketing. The anxiety and avoidance we experience is because marketing is unfamiliar to us. Did they teach it to you in school along with anatomy and technical skills? It’s only human to fear what we don’t understand. But you can learn marketing, just as you learned the skills of your profession. If we can overcome fear of Latin, a complicated dead language, to learn anatomy, we can certainly learn a few simple marketing principles and put them into action!

Many practitioners are aware of this fear holding them back, but most don’t know what to do about it. They avoid marketing because of their reluctance to appear pushy or needy, and because they don’t know exactly how to go about this essential business process.

So let’s take a look at this and confront the dreaded M word – marketing! This is crucial, because not coming to terms with this fear can not only hold you back in creating a thriving practice – it can absolutely kill your business!

Fear and avoidance of marketing is costing you, and costing the people who depend on you. And not just your family and friends. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people who need what you offer. But how will they get your help if they don’t know about you and your services? Getting licensed, renting space and printing business cards are just not enough to bring in clients. Marketing is how you get the word out there! And your mindset – believing that you can and will succeed – is what makes your marketing effective!

Marketing has gotten a bad reputation over the years, because of the pushy or sleazy way that it has commonly been done. We tend to picture the TV stereotype of the aggressive and tacky used car salesman! You understandably don’t want to be regarded as this kind of business owner. You may believe that marketing is incompatible with your gift of service and healing. You may believe it’s wrong to make money from people’s problems and pain. You may believe there’s not a way to market with integrity that lets you rest easy at night.

Such thoughts are only beliefs, and a belief is not Ultimate Truth. It is simply a thought that you’ve had and repeated for a long time. But thoughts can be changed when they do not serve our personal and business growth. In fact, we usually have no problem saying simply, “I changed my mind.” For instance, we say it if we put on a white shirt and then decide we’d rather wear the black one, or order mashed potatoes in a restaurant and then decide we want fries! Fear about marketing is a great reason to say that phrase – “I changed my mind” – and mean it, and then follow through on it!

If the thought of marketing in your holistic health business causes you some anxiety, remember this:
– Many people need exactly what you offer.
– They will continue to suffer unless you help them.
– Marketing is how to achieve your goal to help people.
– Marketing is the way most of them will learn about you.

Effective marketing, done right, is the best way to help you transform lives. And once you overcome your fear of it and learn how to do it right – not just the marketing strategies, but also the mindset principles – you just might discover that it’s fun, creative and deeply satisfying!

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