When you look at online marketing, or network marketing top earners, we can distinguish several things that they do to earn the big money. However, one thing is abundantly clear, top earners find ways to separate themselves from everyone else. They make a name for themselves. This article will outline 5 key components of their strategies.

Internet marketing success by creating your own identity; With hundreds of millions of people online, all vying for the same attention, how can you get your fair share? Top online marketers know that in order to get the right exposure they need to find a way to set themselves apart from the masses. That is precisely why they create their own identity. That simply means that they find ways to brand themselves in a specific way, to a specific target market. This branding is usually done via a personal blog, and a specific domain. Many chose to use their own names as brand and domain. What does that accomplish? It begins the process of setting them apart from everyone else. They are no longer just another representative of Acme MLM. They are now their own brand, offering themselves as the commodity. People don’t join companies, they essentially join people.

Internet marketing success by content; Content is king. One unmistakable strategy used by top Internet marketers is content marketing. Content marketing is creating and strategically placing good content in front of your target market. Good content is defined as content that is relevant, useful, unique, and problem solving focused. If you look at the top earner in your company, you will find that they have their own sites, usually a blog site, and that site has very focused content that is geared toward addressing their target market’s problems and concerns. Providing good content, both on their own blog sites, and through article directories, they begin, not only to get noticed, but also to be perceived as experts in their particular markets. Everyone wants to do business with an expert, and so people flock to them.

Internet marketing success through video marketing; If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth a million dollars. At least that is how it seems within the online marketing circles. Videos have the magic to create an instant connection. Be it that the person’s personality is shining through, or that the viewer can easily relate to them, whichever it is, top online marketers have discovered that using video is a great way to strengthen their identity, expertise, and leadership within their industry. Believe it or not, people still look at video as if it were some complicated form of communication. Many are still impressed at seeing someone on a simple video capture page, even though they are relatively easy to create.

Internet marketing success by training others; I recently read an interesting book; it’s called the “Millionaire Messenger.” The book talks about the “Expert” industry and how many of us are experts already, in one thing or the other, yet few ever look to teach others what we know. Again, experts and leaders are the ones that make the bulk of the income in both online marketing and network marketing. So, these top earners WISELY position themselves as experts by simply teaching others. You hear them on conference calls… you see them on webinars… you see them on stage in conventions… some even find their way to TV! Teaching others is a sure-fire way to position yourself as an expert, and to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Internet marketing success by creating information products; Another very common denominator within top income earners is that they write books, create audio products, or training videos. Whether these products are digital or physical really doesn’t make a difference. What makes the real difference is that they can says, “I created a weekend training bootcamp on exactly what you are looking for,” to their target market. Think about what that does. It again, positions the person as an expert and leader in the mind of the viewer or (blog site) visitor. And if the product creator is slick enough to promoted their product on TV, that’s what I call game over! There is a certain strength to the words, “As Seen on TV.”
I know that some reading these 5 strategies will question whether they have what it takes to do any of these things. My answer for you is personal development. If you indeed want to join the top earners, at some point you are going to have to start doing what the top earners do. If you feel that you don’t have what it takes, learn what you need to learn. Do what you need to do. Act the way you need to act in order to become the person you want to become.

I marvel at the fact that most people want change but are not willing to change. The facts are that every Internet marketing and network marketing millionaire didn’t start off with all the skills that they currently possess. They started just like you and me, afraid of talking in front of a camera, not knowing what to write about on their blog, afraid to get in front of an audience on stage and teach. They all went through the same challenges. The difference is that they were determined to change. They would not be denied. They stepped into the role, ready or not, they took on the role that they wanted to portray, and they became that person. You have to do the same if you want to get the same results.

My advice to you is to study success. Make it a habit in your mind that you will notice what the top income earners are doing. Notice the 5 strategies reviewed here. Go back and see some of these leader’s first videos and notice the growth that occurred. Then commit to creating that growth within yourself. Creating a name for yourself through Internet marketing requires growth. Don’t shrink from the situation, grow into it.

Remember, “It’s your time to shine!”

Mike Martinez has been featured in national home business magazines and countless e-forums and ezines. He is a professional Network Marketer, Internet marketing coach, and home business mentor residing in Southern New Jersey. Mr. Martinez is also a personal development coach and a public speaker.