We live in a world where both consumers and business buyers want to make up their own mind about what they need.

By the time they are ready to talk to you, they will be armed with information about your company, its people, and its products. This is true whether they plan to buy a car or machine tools. It is possible to benefit from this new buyer behavior by executing an effective content marketing strategy.

Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

You know that the prospective customer will have done serious homework before they contact you. This presents a great opportunity to, through articles, educate them about your industry, about possible solution choices, about best practices, and about the right questions to ask. Do this before they ever call you or walk through your front door.

In this way, you have already begun a relationship that that will make it easier for them to buy. That’s what content marketing is all about. By delivering content that is vital and relevant to your target market you will begin to take on an important role in their lives.

This applies to your online, print, and in-person communications. It’s the same role that media company newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, conferences, workshops, and websites have played in the past. Now it’s time for your organization to play that role.

How do you deliver great content that will attract and retain loyal customers?

That’s easy. Simply start thinking like a publisher. When you boil it down, publishing is simple to explain simply follow the DDDC rule:

* Define a critical group of buyers
* Determine what information they really need and how they want to receive it
* Deliver that critical info to that core group of buyers in the way they want it
* Continually measure how well you’re doing and adjust as you go

For a publisher, success means selling lots of ads. For a marketer who begins to think like a publisher, success means attracting and retaining lots of customers

Online advertising and email marketing are out – Content marketing is in

• Online search advertising is declining according to Comcast, due to longer search queries.
• Inboxes are being filed up with too many emails in order to attract your attention or to nurture you as a customer.

In times when email marketing is not a sustainable method of generating leads, something different is needed for online marketing and that is Content Marketing

If you’re not Content Marketing, You’re Not Marketing.

So what are the advantages of content marketing?

• Any company can create content: large or small

• Quality content is a must have:
– Money can buy talent to create it.
– Without money quality content can also be created.

• The distribution of content:
– Is not evident or straightforward like advertising.
– Can be uncontrolled as it can go virally or nowhere.
– Is unpredictable in reach.

• The rule for success is there are no rules or formats for success.

Compared to the older forms of marketing, content marketing wins each time. Advertising lasts as long as your budget lasts and reaches as far as the money can pay for during a limited amount of time. The impact is minimal as there is probably no engagement. Direct mail lasts as long as your mailing list and reaches as far as the mailing list reaches. The impact is minimal as it is intrusive and doesn’t engage at all. Social media marketing lasts as long the buzz goes on, but it is limited by the time the buzz lasts. The impact can be important for a while as people participate and engage.

Content marketing will last until the content can’t be found on the Internet anymore. Content marketing reaches far and lasts the longest as content nearly never dies on the Internet. The impact is less important and less massive but can engage many due to the long lasting effects and engagements.

Leads generated through Content writing

Telephone and online consumer lifestyle surveys are just one way to generate leads. This tried and tested successful marketing strategy still works very well in the digital age. Consumers still like the traditional method of hearing a person’s voice, telephone sales are fads they are timeless. Something that could work well alongside this to generate leads is content marketing.

My question then is should lead generation companies be capitalizing on this possibility and branching out from call centers to writer’s corners?
Really good content is unsurpassed at building rapport, delivering a sales message without feeling “salesy,” and getting the potential customer to stick around. Already lead generators know how to generate a good lead, are experts in the field of telemarketing and understand people as well as the sales industry. I am not suggesting they should give up on consumer lifestyle surveys and the wonderful leads generated there, but could they also be the perfect source to outsource the next generation of lead generation – content marketing?

Lead generation companies reach hundred and thousands of prospective consumers daily. Prospective customers know about the lead generators and can know about the buyer. This can be done in a number of ways: through articles on lead generation websites, affiliated blogs and advertisements, consumers will be exposed to buyer’s services and a network created. Alternatively it can be done by generating leads for buyers through content marketing.

In today’s competitive market the more expertise in more areas of an industry gives you a wider scope for success. Lead generating companies could become a one-stop-shop for all business marketing needs. After all data drives campaigns. Think big…more than ever before the world is your oyster.

Dem’s Bio

Demet Dayanch is the senior marketing manager for Seawave Media Limited, the UK’s number one provider of consumer lifestyle survey data and lifestyle survey leads. Demet was born in London, UK where she spent most of her life. She currently lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey. A student of psychology and lover of people she understands the human mind and heart – what motivates and inspires humanity in life as well as in the world of consumerism. Before her role as senior marketing manager for Seawave Media Limited she worked as a freelance copywriter for an international advertising agency where she utilized her creative writing talent to come up with catchy headlines and text for advertising campaigns. When she is not absorbed in the world of marketing she turns her attention to writing of all sorts and has published many articles, short stories and poems. She has successfully written two novels: ABON and Beauty Stone, both of which are in the final editing stages. Always on the go, her new challenge of script writing keeps her on her toes. Knowledgeable, determined, Driven and fun are just some of her keywords. Her writing style is informative, personal and entertaining. To find out more about Seawave Media please visit our website or call Tulip, senior sales manager,