Brand marketing seems so complicated. No wonder big businesses pay millions of dollars to have marketing companies build their brands for them.

As a small business owner, how do you build your unique brand identity without spending a lot of money?

No matter how great your search engine ranking is… no matter how huge your traffic is from your online and offline marketing activities… you’re putting your small business at risk, if you do not set yourself apart from your competitors.

Think about it! When your prospects use search engines to find some information about your business, product or service, what do they get? A description and link to your site in addition to those of your competitors’ sites — sometimes MILLIONS of them!

Your prospects are always just a click away from all of your competitors’ sites. Even if your site initially gets the new visitors, what will keep them coming back to your site instead of going to your competitors? Nothing… unless you have a powerful brand!

It’s not that different for your business in your local community. Your prospects will usually see your business advertising or directory listing surrounded by your competitors’ ads or listings. Even if your customers choose to buy from you because of your low prices or any special offer, what will keep them from going to your competitors next time? Nothing… unless you have a powerful brand!

How Do You Build a Unique Brand Identity That Can Set You Apart From Your Competitors?

Your small business has to be better than or at least different from your competitors in order for your prospective customers to choose you over them. If you don’t see a difference, create one; so, you can set yourself apart from your competitors.

You can set yourself apart by having better quality, price, service, integrity, reputation or a combination of different factors. You can set yourself apart from the others by being remarkable.

If you haven’t started your business, you still have a lot of flexibility for setting yourself apart from your competitors. You can learn a lot from their mistakes and whatever is working for them.

Find any market niche unfilled by your competitors or find any unsolved problem. Try to be the BEST SOLUTION for the worst problem that your prospective customers are having. Better yet, try to create and market your product or service as the best “pain killer” for the most excruciating pain your prospective customers are having.

Focus on the narrowest niche possible. Devote your resources on being the best in that niche. If your customers think of you as a specialist, you will maximize your income!

To start your research of what’s out there, you can search the keywords related to your business on For example, if you want a business related to dog-grooming, you can search “dog grooming” and check out what your competitors are doing. Find out what’s working for them and what’s not working.

Instead of just joining the crowd, you can set yourself apart by starting a “mobile dog-grooming service.” You can narrow your niche further by promoting and branding your business as a “mobile dog-grooming service for pampered pets.”

This unique brand identity can set you apart from other dog-grooming services. If you provide good service, you can have a good chance of having customers loyal to your brand. With a unique brand identity, it will also be easier for your customers to remember you and refer your business to others.

Your brand identity doesn’t have to be a nice one. For example, the “Rich Jerk” is an Internet marketer who has chosen a unique brand identity that is not particularly pleasant, but it works very well for him. It’s easy to remember. It sets him apart from all the other Internet marketers.

Make a decision about your brand building goals before you start marketing your brand. You want to be clear as to what it is that you want to accomplish with your brand… what “image” you want for your brand. Once you have a unique brand identity, you will have to communicate your brand in all your marketing strategies consistently and repeatedly.

Select the best marketing strategies that can create increased awareness of your brand in your target customers. Communicate what is unique about your brand as often as you can. As your customers’ awareness of your brand goes up, your sales should also go up.

Why is Having a Unique Brand Identity Essential to Having a Successful and Profitable Small Business?

With millions of web sites and businesses out there, it’s hard to stand out. Your prospects are constantly bombarded with advertising messages from your competitors. How do you get your prospective customer’s attention? More importantly, how do you keep your customer’s loyalty? Building a unique brand identity is the secret to getting your customer’s attention and loyalty.

Having a powerful brand is essential to having a successful and profitable small business.

A powerful brand can influence your customers to buy your product or service over your competitors… even if they have to pay more for it. A powerful brand can influence your customers to think that no one else, but you or your company, can deliver the quality or the benefits that they want.

Branding helps your small business succeed by simplifying your customers’ decision — when they need your product or service… they need only to think of you.