Step by Step Article Marketing Tips for Low Cost Online Marketing…

If you’re new to online marketing and looking for step by step article marketing tips, you’ve come to the right site, because that’s the only way I market online. Why? Because I’m just too cheap to gamble my money in paid advertising! Oh, I know, some people get fast results with paid traffic and paying for leads, but at what cost? And really, what you need to look at is the net cost of the leads after you dish out your hard-earned bucks.

Article marketing strategies are highly recommended for beginning online marketers, because all you have to lose is time. And that’s really not a waste, because with all the time you spend, you’re constantly learning. You know what they say, “knowledge is power”, and once you have the knowledge, no one can take it away from you!

Article Marketing Strategy #1: Keyword Research

You don’t want to waste your time writing about things that no one is searching for. So that’s why this is the first of the article marketing tips. And, it’s free! You’ll have to establish a Google account at, and then go to the “tools and analysis” tab and click on keyword research. This will give you the number of searches globally for any keyword phrase. If you’re not sure what phrase to pick at first, simply type in just one or two words, and the system will give you several different phases to pick from. I would advise to pick a phrase that gets between 500-1000 searches with low competition, which should get you to easily rank on Google with my article marketing strategy. Longer keyword phrases (“long-tail” keywords) are more likely to stay on Google and easier to rank for than short phrase. Once you have your keyword phrase, use it several times in your article, and make sure you put it in the title, first sentence, and last sentence. Of course, you need to do this creatively, without making your article look too redundant or boring.

Article Marketing Strategy #2: Strong Title

Like I mentioned above, begin with your keyword phase, but remember this: The first part of your title is for the Google search; the last part is to capture the attention of your reader. Since the intent is flooded with competitors, you’ll need to pick a title that will break attention, something captivating. Example: “Online Marketing Formula: Three Easy Pointers for a Lucrative Solution to a Complicated Online Marketing World”.

This title provides:

1) Keyword phrase “online marketing formula” (first part of title)

2) Eye-catching “three easy pointers” (people like what’s easy and doesn’t take too much time)

3) Capturing “lucrative solution” (people are always looking for some kind of solution on the internet)

4) “Complicated Marketing World” (appeals to the emotional pain your internet surfer might feel)

It’s your title that will bring in the reader to want to read more in the first place. Without a strong title, you won’t have many readers.

Article Marketing Strategy #3: Format

It’s best to let your article flow with some sort of structure. People love lists with bullet points. You’ll want to make sure your paragraphs flow easily and make sense. Make it as easy as possible to read by using sub headings and lists with lots of “white space”. You don’t want your reader to get overwhelmed and stop reading. The object is to keep it entertaining and informative enough to hold their attention to the end. It should be at least 500 words, but not more than 1000.

Article Marketing Strategy #4: Resource Box

As I mentioned above, you want your reader to read the end. That’s because here’s the part where you get to put in your link that will lead them to your website where they can buy stuff! Contrary to popular belief, you actually don’t want to write about yourself here. Nobody’s interested in who you are. Your reader is self-absorbed and only wants to satisfy himself in some way with your writings. Make the resource box a continuation of your article, keeping the flow continuous so your reader will keep reading and become interested in more information from you. I recommend you link one link to your personal blog or website, and the other to a video where you can provide more information to act as a sales funnel.

Without a proper ending, your article marketing strategy is good for nothing!

Your Article Marketing Strategy Will Funnel Your Sales Automatically…

Remember, your article is the top of a “funnel” where lots of people will read, but only a few keep reading and become interested enough to buy.

There are several tools that the pros use to get their articles out in an effective manner. You’ll want to check out my secret article marketing tools that I use on a daily basis.