24 hour news channels, TV, radio and internet means that we are bombarded with thousands of commercials every day. This sounds like good news for businesses, but unfortunately our brain cannot process so much information at once. That’s why your logo and other design aspects of your brand are key attributes for linking your message to your brand and putting a face on the overall communication of your business. So the question is: What are you already doing to put your name out there, and are you doing enough? Well, no matter how much you’re investing in raising your brand awareness, there’s always room for doing more. And adding your logo to your corporate clothing is the most cost-effective way to go this extra mile!

As well as increasing your brand recognition, logo corporate wear also makes it easier for you to connect with your customers on an emotional level; it helps you influence your customers’ buying decisions and reinforces the sense of belonging among your community. But most importantly it can be worn by a human being who is obviously much more mobile than an ad banner, poster, etc. In short, logo on clothing allows you to take your brand wherever you go.

Increases brand recognition

Marketers would agree: “There is much more to branding than your logo, name or colours.” However, these brand marks play a great role in your brand recognition, as customers have a natural tendency to associate them with what your company stands for.

This is how it works: the more customers see your brand marks, the more they become familiar with them. And the more they become familiar with them, the more they’ll trust your brand and buy from you. This reminds me of myself when I sometimes buy a product from a brand I never used before, just because it looks familiar to me and I feel as if I know it from somewhere. After all, big firms invest millions every year to research how our buying psychology works and how to influence us to buy, so I’m not really surprised that this has really worked on me!

Using brand marks consistently and at every opportunity also helps establish a strong and distinctive identity for your business. For example, by using its tick symbol in a regular manner, Nike has become one of the most recognisable brands in the world.

Connect with customers emotionally

Through the aesthetic and design aspects of their brand, businesses intend to influence perceptions and connect with their customers at an emotional level in order to make them see their brand positively. The best example would be Apple Inc., which uses nice designs and creative graphics to tell stories and interact with customers on an emotional level.

Influences customers’ decisions

Because customers tend to use companies’ logos or names to identify brands visually, it’s important to invest in a design that will attract and appeal to them. It’s especially important that, in the mind of the customer, a brand’s visual identity is connected to what a company stands for. This means that attractive aesthetics can represent a promise that your company makes to its client to deliver a high quality experience. So you have to be careful how you use your logo on your corporate clothing. This is why choosing prestigious ties and scarves is the most presentable way to display your logo or name. Ties and scarves are easy to maintain and help to complete your corporate uniform. A quality, stylish tie or scarf will add a touch of glam to your brand and make a stronger impression on your customers.

Can be worn on a human being

Making your staff member wear your logo or name means that there are great chances that hundreds will see your brand marks every day. Human beings are more mobile and social than ever, and most importantly they’re more interactive than any other advertising tool!

Branding is mostly to do with the experience customers have after repeated interaction with your brand, and a human being who is capable of having a great conversation, or who has a good sense of humour, will make this experience worthwhile! Also, if a member of your staff happens to help someone on the street while wearing your logo, the person he or she helps will see your brand positively, and remember this the next time they encounter it.

Reinforces the sense of belonging

Logo wear doesn’t only help your external communication. It also helps to break the communication barrier between your company members, encouraging much better working relationships in the corporation’s structure.

There are many benefits to being a member of a community. People feel more secure when they know that they have others around them who share their goals and care about their progress. And a set of symbols or marks is most often used in order to help the members of a community to recognise one another. Although these symbols or marks are arbitrary, it is enough to increase feelings of warmth and motivation to be part of a particular social group. This is what helps establish what we call a “brand community”. We can find the best example of brand community among football fans, who tend to buy t-shirts, scarves, etc. to show which team and community they belong to.